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Where are you?? I hope everything is going ok for you!


I really appreciate you asking and I’m doing okay. I’ve just been depressed lately because I’ve been having trouble getting a job and just life things happening. Idk.

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for the 2nd anniversary of me becoming a 1d fan, i have decided to do my first follow forever! i have had my tumblr for a little over a year and a half and have met some great people and made some even more amazing friends. i suggest if you dont already follow these people, you should, because they rock.


literally my rock in this fandom. we have all become so close and more like best friends. we talk all day, every day. i love you all immensely. you mess with one asshole, you get the whole shit. (girls pls hover over your urls thx)

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some of you i know personally, some of you i havent really talked to that much, but i love all of you and your blogs. you keep my dash amazing. thank you!

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 there are more that i follow, but you are all the best of course <33