For anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on right now, Greg tweeted these tweets and deleted them shortly after. No one says stuff like this unless they are honestly feeling some type of way and I know some of us have joked about Greg in the past but now I think it’s time that we realize that he could actually be depressed and is in need of help. He’s often left alone with a one year old so this is very scary to even think about anything happening. We should all take this in and do what we can to help and prevent any future problems. Let’s stop with the Greg jokes, tweet encouragement, do whatever you can to try and make him feel right again. Depression is not something to joke around about.



Inclusive children go far.

Kids are too smart for this school crap.


Hi! So I finally decided to sell my drawings, since you guys ask me this quite often. if you want to buy any please contact me on You can buy any drawing for 30$ (if it’s not sold yet of course), payments are accepted via PayPal (sorry if it’s too expensive, but keep in mind that it’s original artwork and free international shipping included). Also if you want a commission- just ask. Have a great day everyone and thanks for the support😊 (ok now I feel awkward) #drawings

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Chicago, IL // Aug. 30th

So I did get my new phone yesterday, I love it !

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